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Make the effort to ensure your dish sounds as interesting and appetizing as it tastes. Disguise the fact that you're not only supplying your guests with your leftovers, and you'll forget that you're eating theirs too.

Your guests may even surprise you, as not everyone has a traditional holiday dinner. Ham, seafood dishes and even pizza have all managed to become a holiday dinner at one point or another. Make sure your non-Christmas- celebrating friends know that any dish goes, as long as it's made from something they already have -- that lasagna or casserole that's sitting in the freezer, for instance. Again, only leftover dishes are strongly encouraged for this party.

award the best
To stir up creative ideas among your guests' recipe planning, offer a prize for the most creative dish. Perhaps you bought an extra gift during your holiday shopping that you thought was cute but realized it just wasn't right for anyone you knew? Award the leftover gift for the most original and creative leftover dish entrepreneur!

The recipes provided are just a few examples of what you can make to recycle your leftovers but find your own unique food combinations. Just remember to keep passing around that holiday buzz to your guests with a Rum-Egg Nog drink, and prove that you don't truly believe the holidays are 'officially' over at your fabulous leftovers party!


turkey quesadillas
Any leftover vegetables or cheeses can be incorporated in this popular dish.

1 Heat non-stick skillet over medium heat. No need to add butter otherwise it will be too greasy. Add flour tortillas on bottom of pan.
2 Add ready pieces of turkey, chopped onions, sliced mushrooms, chopped red or green peppers, grated cheese (Cheddar, Monterey Jack, or any other leftover cheeses you may have).
3 Top with another flour tortilla. Use a dish plate to weigh down the tortillas so that the ingredients will be cook evenly.
4 Cook until cheese melts and the tortilla is slightly brown on both sides, about 2-3 minutes. Cut into quarters to serve with sour cream or salsa.

cranberry sauce
Cranberry Sauce is so versatile that it can be used for appetizers, savory dipping sauces to sweet desserts toppings.

simple cranberry sauce:
Reheat in small saucepan over medium-heat for about 5 minutes or heat microwave for 1-2 on High. Transfer to small dish and spread generously on sliced French bread or whole-wheat crackers.

For a sweet dessert topping, add any of the following ingredients together to reheated cranberry sauce: cup orange juice, 1 Tbsp honey, chopped pear or apple, orange, lemon or lime zest. Mix together and cook for a few minutes, about 5-10 minutes, over medium heat. Drizzle over very generous scoops of vanilla ice cream.

As a savory side, add any or all of these ingredients: chopped red onions, 1 chopped garlic clove, 1 tsp oregano, and cup red wine. Mix together and cook for a few minutes, about 5-10 minutes, over medium heat. Serve as dipping sauce or side dish.

Stephanie Cloutier lives and works as a freelance writer and financial analyst in Toronto, Canada. When she isn't pursuing her passions of bellydancing or getting involved in the local burlesque-vaudeville scene, she always finds an excuse to throw fabulous parties in her swanky 650-square foot bachelorette pad.

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