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Guests will either go for it with glee, or come as themselves and still have a great time. Some may even surprise you. I threw a pirate party where among the assortment of bandannas, torn up pants, bodices and parrots there were a couple of guys in black leather and shades. These fellow-geek buddies of mine had opted to come as "Data Pirates". I duly rewarded some of the pickings of the Davy Jones' Locker treasure for the creative effort.

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Most importantly enjoy yourself. If you halfheartedly pin yourself down with an idea that only sort-of appeals to you, planning will be a chore and even worse, so might the party. Remember: throw parties to amuse people, not least of all you.

In coming weeks I'll be offering up some detailed planning ideas for specific themes. Cheers!

. . If you've still not decided upon a theme, here are some ideas I've had success with in the past:

Arabian Nights (hire belly dancers, teach your friends)

Pirates! (Arrrrr matey!)

Festival of the Hungry Ghosts (Spontaneous pyromania)

Beach Bash (In February)

Ed Wood Pajama Party (Suffer together thru the worst cinematic offerings ever)

Toga (Traditional, easy, supply extra sheets)

Inner Spirit (folks arrived as trees, slobs, children, doves, etc.)

Kiddies Night (Operation, Candy Land, Twister, & finger-painting available)

Retro Cocktails (Provide a reason to don leopard print velvet gloves, darling)


Sherri "Clio" Brown has been throwing successful theme parties for nearly a decade, which makes her older than she will admit. Two murderous cats let Sherri and her fiancé, Andy, live with them, some computers, and piles of media objects in Portland, Oregon. When she's not planning a bash, she works as a Unix systems analyst and engineer — disproving the theory that geeks aren't socialized.

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