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beyond hearts & flowers
7 better ways to say "I Love You"
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4. Make a book of love coupons Barnes and Noble actually sells little love coupon booklets, but sheesh how lazy can a person get? Love coupons must, must, must be homemade; its the only way to make them personal. Offers for back massages, dinners, pampering days and the like are, of course, always appreciated, but its also fun to get a little more creative. My boyfriend once crafted a beautiful little love coupon booklet for me, and nestled amidst the expected offers none of which I can remember now -- was this coupon, my favorite: "Make Asher stop playing computer game."

5. Make a mix tape or burn a mix CD chronicling the history of your relationship. Choose songs that remind you of various points in your relationship. Want more of a challenge? Create a song list where the first letters of every song title spell out a message. And dont forget to design a label and insert to go along with the mix its the sum of all the little details that make these gifts so special.

6. Bake cookie Valentines Use a pastry bag and decorating tip to carefully write your love note in frosting/icing on a single big, heart-shaped cookie. Or make a batch of cookies, and decorate each one using frosting or sprinkles with a single letter. (You could also bake each cookie in the shape of a letter, if you prefer). Then line up the cookies in a decorative box to spell out your message.

7. Make personalized fortune cookies Bake up some fortune cookies and stuff them with love messages/fortunes. Present the cookies in a personalized Chinese take-out box, of course.

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