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crafty crafty: make a bolster pillow
by Yee-Fan Sun |
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1 Measure the length, diameter, and circumference of your bolster pillow or batting roll. Don’t pull the tape measure too tight as you’re measuring the circumference, unless you want a very skinny, very firm pillow. (If math is your idea of fun, of course, it’s technically only necessary to measure the diameter of the pillow, from which you can then compute the circumference, since the circumference will equal pi*d. Or vice versa.)

pillow length = __________
pillow diameter = __________
pillow circumference = ___________

2 Figure out how much fabric and drawstring you’ll need:

fabric length L
pillow length + diameter + 1” hem* = ____________
fabric height H
pillow circumference + 1” hem + 1” extra breathing room** = ____________
drawstring length
pillow circumference + 10” = ______________

* Leave a bigger hem allowance for the fabric length if you’re using a fat cord for your drawstring; the 1” provides enough room for a thin 1/8” satin cord.
** This extra bit makes it a little easier to slide in the pillow, and allows for the slight bit of width you lose with the seam. It’s good to include it if you’re using the batting especially; if you’re covering a pillow form, and want a very snug fit, add in ½” instead of an inch to the measurement.

Measure, mark, and cut out your fabric. Cut out two drawstrings.

3 Place the fabric with the inside facing up. Press a ¼” hem, lengthwise, along the top and bottom of your fabric, with an iron. Use a zigzag stitch to sew it in place.

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