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crafty crafty: make a bolster pillow
by Yee-Fan Sun |
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4 Press a 1/4Ē double hem on the two sides of the fabric, using an iron, then use a straight stitch, doing your best to keep the stitch as close to the edge of the hem as possible. This stitch will form the sleeve for the drawstrings, so itís important not to let the opening get too narrow at any point.

5 Thread the drawstrings through each of the openings youíve just made in step 4. I tape the end of my drawstring to a skinny knitting needle, then use the needle to help feed the string through, gathering up the fabric along the needle as I go. Once the tip of the needle pokes through the other side, I untape the string, hold the string with one hand, and pull out the knitting needle from the other side. A disassembled wire coat hanger would work as well. Un-gather and flatten out the fabric. Tie double knots on each end of each drawstring.

6 With the fabric still inside out, fold it in half length-wise. (You can pin it in place if you like, but Iím usually too lazy to bother.) Sew a ľĒ seam where the former top and bottom of the fabric meets together again (this will more or less be marked by the edge of your zigzag stitch from step 3). Be careful to start your stitch about ľĒ in, or just a hair more, from either side, as you donít want to sew your drawstring openings shut.

7 You should now have a lovely rectangle with drawstrings on either end. Flip the bolster cover right-side-out, then slide in your bolster pillow (or rolled length of batting). Cinch the ends shut, kick back and enjoy!

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