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04.02.07 | As Digs editor Yee-Fan and her boy prepare for some big changes in their own household less than a year after moving into their toronto abode, they invite you in for a peek into their pad in progress

10.16.05 | Banish the boring neutral! Get inspired as we take you on a tour of the fabulous apartment avowed color-phile Eve shares with her fiancé in upstate New York. Check it out: in full color

09.19.05 | Last fall, Digs' editor Yee-Fan sold her Tucson home and moved all the way across the Atlantic for a two-year stint in Edinburgh. Learn about some of the challenges she and the boy faced as they went back to the renters' life, as she invites you in for a visit to their edinburgh loft

05.09.05 | When grad students Nicole and Drew first saw the house they would eventually buy, they looked beyond the bad decor and wear-and-tear. Check out how these first-time homeowners renovated their tucson roost and turned a pad that had suffered heaps of renters' abuse into a stylish abode. 

01.10.05 | Former city-dweller Erin moved to a small town in New England, and set to work fixing up a place that had suffered from years of previous tenants' abuse and neglect. Check out how she turned a dark and dreary rental place into the cozy cottage of her dreams. 

04.04.04 | It's been three years since Digs' editor Yee-Fan launched Open House by showing off her Tucson abode. Check out what's changed since then: desert digs redux

02.23.04 | Kelly and Neal take you on a tour of their home, a Ft. Lauderdale condo on the waterfront that they just finished renovating.

02.23.04 | Interior decorator Darleen invites you in for a tour of the warm, cozy kitsch palace she's created in her brooklyn basement

09.29.03 | Head into the sunset as artist Megan and her husband Mike take you on a tour of their Sunset district apartment in San Francisco. 

08.25.03 | Jill & Keith invite you in for a tour around their san francisco digs

03.31.03 | Grad student Kim invites you in for a peek at her airy arizona abode

01.06.03 | Who says you can't do swanky on a budget (and in a basement apartment no less)? Artist and medical illustrator Mimi invites you in for a visit to her retro-glam new orleans nest

06.10.02 | Magazine editor Nicola moved from Europe to Australia, and discovered the decorating challenges of starting from scratch in her airy two-bedroom  sydney sanctuary

06.11.01 | CD radio promoter and graphic designer Leslie Ann invites you into her funky one-bedroom san francisco flat, which  functions as home sweet home, and business quarters as well. 

04.16.01 | This "tiny" city studio in New York may be tight on space, but it's chock full of charm.

2.19.01 | Digs' editor takes you on a  tour of her desert digs

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