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the full  scoop make a divine ice cream sundae
by Yee-Fan Sun
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butterscotch sauce
Yes, itís pretty much 100% pure fat. Which is why it tastes so damn good.

1/2 cup cream
4 Tbsp. butter
1/3 cup brown sugar
yields a little over Ĺ cup, enough for 4-6 sundaes

Heat the butter and the cream over medium heat until the butterís melted. Stir in the brown sugar and cook for 10 minutes or so, until the sauce is thick, shiny and smooth. Serve warm over ice cream.

finishing touches
Part of the beauty of a sundae is, of course, in its extravagance. While a scoop of French vanilla slathered in a luxurious hot fudge sauce is, of course, simple, elegant, and perfectly tasty, sundaes arenít really about restraint. Embellishment options are, of course, practically endless, but if youíre in need of some inspiration, try adding any (or many) of the following for the ultimate in sundae decadence Ö

Baked bases: brownies, pound cake, crepes
Dry toppings: crushed oreos, chocolate sprinkles, crushed nuts, candy
Fresh fruit toppings: berries, pineapple, coconut, bananas, peaches Ė really, whateverís in season works beautifully
Whipped cream: Iím a whipped cream snob Ė thereís just no comparison between the stuff that comes out of an aerosol can, and the real stuff, fresh whipped into soft, dreamy peaks. Making whipped cream is so easy that thereís absolutely no excuse for settling for anything less: just make sure you use heavy whipping cream, very cold, and beat on high until the cream can just hold its shape. Donít overbeat, or youíll end up with something resembling butter in consistency. Sugar can be added to taste once the cream has begun to acquire some body, midway through the whipping process.
Garnishes: fresh mint leaves, maraschino cherries (with stems, of course)

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