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married with
how to survive a visit from friends with babies 

by Samantha Renfrow 
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It's been six years since college and most everyone I know has found a career, settled down, and tied the knot, even me. Getting together with friends takes a lot of effort these days. Add babies to the mix and you're talking about a major event. Going out on the town isn't the same once babysitters, colic and teething begin to factor into the equation. You have to plan and be prepared for plenty of surprises. Don't get me wrong. I love kids. I just don't know anything about taking care of them.

This fall, my husband and I were excited to have some old friends and their 7-month-old baby come to visit us. But as non-parents ourselves, you can bet we were a little worried. What would we do for fun? Where would the baby sleep? What would we feed him? What about naps? How would we know which restaurants would be appropriately infant-friendly? 

Needless to say, I learned a lot from that brief visit. Like how one set of sheets may not be enough and how Dad can get a little crazy when the baby gets upset. 

Ever been hesitant about having old friends visit because you didn't know how to act around them with their new baby? Like Charles Schwab says: "Relax." The last thing your guests want are up-tight hosts. Turn into the sort of psycho-host who insists that everything proceed according to strict schedule, and you'll drive everyone, including yourself, up the wall. Be flexible. Still, a little planning goes a long way. And one of the best things you can do to make your friends' stay easier is to help lighten their travel load, especially if they are flying. So stock up, make preparations, and when the unexpected happens, go with the flow. Here are a few tips to make your introduction to the baby world go a whole lot more smoothly: 

1. Diapers | They cost about $12 for a package of 38. Believe it or not babies can go through 6-8 diapers per day, even more if it's a newborn. Most likely, your friends will have a diaper preference. Make sure you ask and get the appropriate brand and size. All diapers are not created equal.

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