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a thanksgiving planning timeline |
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You know youíre getting old when you actually turn down a "real" adultís invite to their Thanksgiving dinner because youíve decided that this year, at long last, youíre finally ready to host your very own turkey day. Yup, this year Iím not flying back to the parentsí place in Boston, or joining my cousins out in L.A. Ė Iím avoiding that hellish holiday traffic and staying put right here in Tucson instead. Where the plan is to serve up a small feast of my own, to be enjoyed with my sweetie, his sister, and a few good friends.

Hosting your own Thanksgiving this year? With just a little bit of planning ahead, you can ensure a stress-free Thanksgiving get-together thatís as much fun for super-host(ess) you as it is for your lucky guests.

the countdown
one week ahead:
Get a headcount so you know how many bellies youíll be feeding. The big question, for the first time Thanksgiving host(ess): just how much turkey should you get? Estimate 1.5 lb. of turkey per person, and you should have plenty for leftovers. Because what, after all, is Thanksgiving without the enormous excess?

By all means assign people to bring dishes. Donít try and play Super(wo)man Ė
delegate! Youíll no doubt be taking care of the bird and stuffing, so feel free to farm out as much of the rest of the work as you like.

Make your shopping list. Donít forget to include beverages (unless youíve assigned this task to someone else), as well as disposable aluminum roasting pans (assuming you donít already have a good roasting pan of your own). An instant-read thermometer is also essential, for determining when your turkeyís properly cooked, and youíll need cotton twine to tie up your bird. Of course, donít forget to stock up on napkins and papertowels.

Take the time now to clean out your fridge and freezer. That moldy tub of yogurt, those freezer-burned chicken tenders Ö thatís right, get rid of absolutely everything that you possibly can. Youíll need all the room you can get to make room for all the Thanksgiving foodstuffs and potables.

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