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a thanksgiving planning timeline |  
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the countdown,
weekend before:
Head to the supermarket to stock up on all non-perishables. This includes your turkey, if you’re buying frozen. Alas bread, salad fixings, fruit and the like will have to wait until the day before.

If you’re making pies (and, as my boy will be quick to point out, what’s a Thanksgiving without pie?),
start the pie crusts now. Just make the dough, roll it out, and lay out those crusts in the pie plates. Pop ‘em in the freezer, and they’ll be ready to use (with just a little defrosting) once you get a little closer to the actual day.

If you’re making your own
cranberry sauce – and you really, really should – do it now.

two days ahead (minimum):
Defrost your frozen turkey in the refrigerator. It WILL take this long (longer if your turkey is more than 10 lbs). Don’t forget.

Since the bread for your stuffing is generally supposed to be stale, you can also go ahead and
cube your bread so you have one less step to fuss with on the actual day.

day before:
Go shopping for fresh bread, salad greens, and any other last-minute necessities.

Prep and assemble as much and as many of your
side dishes as you can today. If you’re making candied yams for instance, you can boil the yams and arrange them in a baking dish. If you’re having salad, wash, peel, and chop as many of the veggies as you can (toss prepped veggies in plastic baggies), and make the salad dressing as well.

Make your pie fillings, then finish assembling the
pies. Bake away!

If you’re doing a fancy-schmancy sit-down meal,
set the dinner table the night before. Pick up the house and vacuum. Wash all those dirty dishes so that you’ll have an empty dishwasher ready for the big day.

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