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liquorless libations
party drinks for non-drinkers |
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Don’t get me wrong: I’m no teetotaler myself. But as much as I enjoy the occasional tasty bottle of wine or fabulous cocktail, there actually are times when I just don’t feel like drinking. Added to which, of late, I’ve noticed this bizarre trend amongst my friends: more and more of them are choosing not to drink – some just occasionally, others at all. This, of course, doesn’t mean we’re all turning into stodgy old farts -- contrary to what the beer ads certainly want you to think, it is possible to have fun without boozing it up. Too often, however, forgoing the liquor leaves you stuck sipping a lukewarm glass of tap water all night – which might be fine for hydration purposes, but sure makes for one dull gustatory experience.

Maybe you’re still recovering from your last wretched hangover; maybe you’re abstaining due to divine decree; maybe you’ve just decided liquor doesn’t fit into your new super-healthy lifestyle. Or maybe you just don’t like the taste of the stuff. Whatever the reason may be, you want something non-alcoholic, but palatable, to serve at your next fabulous gathering. And soda pop and plain old water just aren’t cutting it.

There’s no reason to resort to ho-hum, ordinary beverages just because you’re nixing the alcohol. Mix up your own fantastic liquor-free concoctions, or even easier, set up a small bar area and let your guests mix their own. Of course, you can always include some alcoholic ingredients as well, to appease your liquor-loving friends.

three liquorless bars
seltzer bar:
Make your own grown-up soda concoctions by mixing seltzer water with juices. Use fresh-squeezed orange juice (get blood oranges for an extra-special touch), fancy fruit nectars (mango and guava are particularly good), and seltzer water. If you’re feeling extra chic, stock up on some naturally sparkling mineral waters instead. Have garnishes like fresh mint leaves and lemon/lime wedges.

milkshake bar: Revisit those childhood days, when the ultimate beverage treat wasn’t a fancy wine or a perfect martini, but a good old-fashioned milkshake. Trust me: you’ll find they’re just as good now that you’re grown up. Stock up on: a variety of ice creams, plenty of milk, whipping cream, maraschino cherries and straws.

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