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liquorless libations
party drinks for non-drinkers |
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smoothie bar: Everybody loves a good smoothie. Youíll need plenty of ice, a good blender, frozen bananas and an array of pre-washed, pre-cut, ready-to-go fresh fruits (strawberries, peaches, blueberries, pineapple, mango are all yummy). Naturally, big glasses and straws are a must.

Of course, if setting up bar involves just a tad more effort than you feel like expending, these easy drink options are easy to make for the masses, and always prove to be crowd-pleasers Ö

fresh lemonade/limeade serves 6-8 
1 cup water, plus more to taste
1 cup sugar
1Ĺ cups fresh-squeezed lemons or limes (~5-6 lemons, or 9-10 limes)

Make a simple syrup by bringing the water to a boil, then stirring in the sugar until it dissolves. Let the solution cool to room temperature. When itís cooled down, add the lemon juice, plus cold water to taste (youíll need somewhere between 8 and 10 cups Ė bear in mind that the ice will melt and dilute the drink a bit, so donít add too much water at this point). Serve in a pitcher with plenty of ice cubes, and float lemon wheels as a garnish if youíre feeling fancy.

more lemonade ideas:
1 make sparkling lemonade by adding seltzer water or club soda to taste rather than plain old water
2 make a pink lemonade by adding a splash of cranberry juice
3 add crushed mint leaves for a refreshing, sophisticated lemonade
4 add pureed and strained strawberries or raspberries for a tart berry-flavored beverage

rootbeer float
good rootbeer
good vanilla ice cream
long spoons

Place two to three scoops of ice cream in each glass, and fill carefully with rootbeer. Pour slowly Ė the rootbeer will foam up, and itís all too easy to make a mess if youíre impatient. Wait for the foam to subside a bit, then add more rootbeer. Serve with a straw and a long spoon.

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