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5 ideas for organized fun
 by Yee-Fan Sun |
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2 TV Night
TV nights, like movie nights, require a decent TV set and plenty of sofa space (or at least a bevy of floor pillows). The nice thing about TV nights is that they tend to be a little less stressful for the host, since you avoid the near-impossible task of how to pick a movie that absolutely everyone will actually enjoy. Decide on a TV series ahead of time, and start scheduling regular weekly gatherings. In season, of course, you can actually watch your shows as they air on TV, but if your favorite TV show happens to run at a time that’s totally inconvenient for all, there’s always the good ol’ VCR. DVD/VHS releases of past and present TV shows are also a great way to get people hooked on quality TV.

TV shows on DVD that make for good group viewing
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Sopranos, Twin Peaks, Sex and the City (especially for a girls’ night), The Prisoner

3 Game night
Maybe you’re looking for something a little more interactive than sitting around like couch potatoes, staring at a TV screen. If so, game night’s the ideal solution for you. Keep it simple with classic card games like poker, or revert to childhood with some board games. Board games are a great, casual way to gather friends around in a little friendly competition – rediscover old favorites like Twister, Boggle, Scrabble and other classics, or invest in some of the newer, more social board games, like Taboo, Outburst, or Loaded Questions. Games are all about indulging your inner child, so if you’re feeling really retro, try hunting down that old Atari system for guaranteed kicks – from your parents’ basement if you’re lucky, or off Ebay otherwise.

4 Cooking/eating club
There’s nothing like the promise of good eats to entice people to drop their usual routines and gather together for a long evening of conversation and gorging. Cooking/eating clubs are a good way for budding gourmets to share their culinary experiments with pals, and for adventurous eaters to try new dishes that they might never have encountered before. The idea is simple: it’s essentially a dinner party that takes place at a set time every month or two, with the location of the dinner party rotating from house to house. The specifics of how the club works, of course, can vary. If your friends are all reasonably comfortable in the kitchen, having the host of the evening prep the whole meal gives each person in the group a chance to play superhost and show off their kitchen skills at the same time. 

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