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have a seat
by Yee-Fan Sun
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So you've finally found your first apartment, and spent the whole day lugging boxes out of your rented truck, up five flights of stairs, down a long hallway, around a narrow corner, and finally into your brand spanking new pad. It's been a long, sweaty, achy-muscles kind of day, and you're ready to spend some good quality time off your tired feet. Only one problem: it's just you, fifty boxes, a halogen lamp leftover from your dorm room days, and a big empty space. Unless you're really, really fond of cold hard floors, it's time to start thinking about getting some seating into your abode. Check out our guide to what you'll need, and how to score it.

sofa, so good
The sofa is possibly the most coveted object of every quasi-adult I know; the day I can actually buy myself a real sofa, I sometimes imagine, will be the day I finally feel like a real grown-up. I have big sofa ambitions - of something gorgeous and comfy, sturdy yet cool, something that doesn't require me to prop up saggy cushions with supplementary support, or hide stains in the upholstery with a clever-positioned throw, something I can nap in for hours, or spend a whole lazy Saturday curled up on reading a book. Sadly, I'm still in the dreaming stage, because as it turns out, an honest-to-goodness, well-made sofa turns out to be a pricey beast indeed.

But wait, you protest, you swear you've seen ads for perfectly attractive new sofas at the screaming low price of $299.99. Yes, they exist, but the thing is, when it comes to sofas, you pretty much get what you pay for. If it looks good and costs little, it's pretty much built to self-destruct within a few years -- and any price that looks too good to be true probably is.

No matter how tempted you might be to skimp, channel your cheapskate urges towards other aspects of your life. Here's one case where it really will serve you better in the long run to save up for a good sofa that you really, truly love, and that'll last you for many years to come. A few hundred might seem like a great deal for such a big piece of furniture, but let's face it: it's hardly chump change for most of us in our struggling twenty-something years. So there's really not much point in dumping three hundred on a shoddily-constructed couch that's held together by staples or nails rather than properly joined and secured. 

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