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let's roll! make fabric roller shades
by Yee-Fan Sun
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1 Take down the old roller shade, and remove the original material, as well as the wooden slat or dowel that weighted it. Scribble a little arrow on the shade barrel to mark which way the fabric fell -- this'll make your life easier later on, when it comes to reattach. Measure the old material, then add a couple inches to the width, and three inches to the length to get your new fabric dimensions. (This assumes that the old shade was already cut to fit your window properly; if you've co-opted an old shade from a different window, you'll basically want the fabric height to be about a foot longer than the height of the window, and the width to be two inches or so more.)

2 Trim your fabric to the proper dimensions, and iron the fabric. Make sure you use the heat setting appropriate to your material, unless you want to do what I did on my first attempt, which was to melt my polyester fabric to my iron.

3 Read the instructions that came with your interfacing; trim the interfacing so it's about the same size as the fabric you cut in the preceding step. Most likely, the directions will inform you to place your fabric wrong-side up on the ironing board, then line up the interfacing on top, with the adhesive side facing down towards the fabric (the adhesive side will feel rougher). Working from the center of the fabric, press and glide a steam iron over the interfacing, doing your best to avoid wrinkles. Patience and a gentle touch are key; you'll have to do quite a few passes over the fabric to get the interfacing to stick. Once the interfacing seems more or less bonded, flip the fabric and iron till it's good and flat.

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