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6 Grow your own. If you’re lucky enough to have a yard that gets an adequate amount of sunlight, there is simply no reason in the world that you should not have a vegetable garden. For a modicum of effort and very little money at all, you can have access to your very own, pesticide-free fresh veggies and fruits all growing season long. Sure, there are folks who devote a good deal of time to gardening, but take it from the world’s most lackadaisical gardener: you really can get decent yields with relatively little work. You can start plants from seed (cheaper), or buy seedlings at any nursery (easier). To find out what vegetables will work best in your particular climate and yard, mosey on over to your local library and check out the gardening books. Local botanical gardens and gardening organizations also oftentimes have websites full of gardening tips specific to your region.

Even if you’re completely lacking in yardspace, growing your own edibles is far from out of the question. Container gardening is space-efficient and allows you to grow your own green goodies anywhere you can find sunlight – on a windowsill, balcony, doorstep, wherever. Most plants that grow well in a normal backyard garden can do just fine in a container – tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, radishes … just about anything your tastebuds might fancy. One of the easiest things to grow in a container is scallions: just buy a bunch of scallions from any old supermarket, and after using the green portions in a recipe of your choice, pop the roots into a pot of soil. Give the scallions water and sunlight and you’ll have fresh green scallions for free anytime. . Looking for tips on veggie gardening? Check out these useful sites...
veggie gardening
backyard gardener
articles galore to get you started with your veggie garden 
garden guides: strategies for a small vegetable garden

container gardening
container veggies

the name pretty much says it all, doesn't it?
garden guides: container gardening 
Good guide to recommended container sizes for various vegetables: 

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The best part about these tips is that you’ll not only cut back on your food spending, but probably eat better too! Cooking on the cheap shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing good eating.

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