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please  do touch how to make a 
texture art wall
by Yee-Fan Sun
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Start brainstorming ideas on objects you can commandeer to achieve your favorite textures. Rummage through your cabinets, take a trip to the hardware store, roam the aisles of a craft store or fabric store. Pick things up and squeeze them, squash them, run your fingers over them (yeah, you might get a few strange looks at the store, but trust me, itís fun). If you can touch it without incurring injury, allergy or death, and if you can cheaply and easily fit it into a one foot square frame, itís fair game for this wall art project.
more ideas for inspiration Quilted fabric, velvet, plush, tacks, sponge, cotton balls, sandpaper (squishy sanding blocks are especially cool), carpet padding, pennies, eggcrate foam, scrub-brush bristles

For our single column of textures, for example, we ended up using wax, astroturf, latex caulking, expanding aerosol foam, and fur. Filling the astroturf frame was as straightforward  as cutting the astroturf to the same dimensions as the frame window, then gluing it down to the wooden back. For the wax frame, we dripped candle wax from three different colored candles into the frame, layering the wax on thickly and overlapping colors. The caulking and foam were simply squeezed and sprayed respectively into their frames in a fun swirly pattern. The fur frame involved a little sewing Ė since we really wanted to do this project without spending much money, and the cheapest, softest fur we could find was in a bin full of tiny fur scraps at a discount fabric and craft store, we stitched together the scraps to form a square that would fit into the frame window, then hot-glued it all into place. 

Like I said, just about anything goes. The cool thing is that because you'll most likely be using materials in a way far, far removed from their intended uses, you'll end up with an interestingly abstract set of objects that are as as funky in appearance as they are in texture. 

Tune in two weeks from now to get the details on a cool way to get your frames on the wall!

get the printer-friendly frame instructions


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