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fight the chaos
organizing your living space
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Recycle regularly. Call to find out if your neighborhood has a curbside recycling program, and if so, request a schedule. If not, find out where the nearest recycling center is. Nothing piles up faster than a subscription to a daily newspaper. Heck, here in my house, we only subscribe to a handful of magazines, and still, those damn periodicals accumulate like crazy Ė oozing out of the magazine bin, toppling over in piles on the coffee table. Recycling is key to keeping the magazine mess under control.

Better yet, think carefully about how many of those subscriptions you really need. Is the daily paper necessary when you can get your news just as easily online? Do you really need both Time and Newsweek? Cancel your subscriptions to all but what you really, really, really canít live without. Next, decide which magazines can get tossed as they lose their timeliness. Sure, there are certain periodicals that demand to be hoarded Ė I canít bear to part with any of my Met Home back issues Ė but anything that you donít expect to refer to at some later point in time should get recycled. Forget about whether that 10-year complete collection of Cosmo back issues is worth anything as a collectible: if it isnít worth anything to you, chuck it now.

storing the necessities
Unless you live like a monk, even whittling down your junk to the necessities will only partially take care of the chaos problem. There's still the small matter of how to get it all organized.

1 Maximize your closet-space.
Sure, itís a lot easier to just haphazardly jam all the junk you donít want to look at into a closet, quickly containing the chaos with a hip check to the door, and just before the contents threaten to tumble down from their perches. Of course, the next time you open that closet door, youíre guaranteed to encounter an avalanche Ė which means that not only will you have used that precious closet space inefficiently (a little forethought WILL allow you to cram in even more stuff), but youíll waste time trying to stuff it all back in again. Hammer some nails Ė or even better, install hooks --on the sides of the closet and the backside of the door. Invest in a few of those gigantic plastic storage containers, then stack them up neatly inside, making sure, of course, to put the stuff youíll need access to at the top. Get hanging shelf bags for shoes, or use a shoe rack. Or consider buying one of those metal wire shelf kits, that come with an assortment of poles and shelves that let you compartmentalize your space however you see fit. Head over to your nearest Bed, Bath and Beyond type mega-store; youíll find more organizing options than you could possibly have imagined existed.

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