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the great cover-up make a fuzzy fleece pillow cover 
by Yee-Fan Sun
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4 Place the pillow on top of the fabric. Determine where on the back you'll want your opening to go: bring the fabric up and around the pillow to make two flaps, and adjust the sizes of the flaps and the pillow positioning until you're happy. Now if you only ever intend to show the front of your pillow, then where you decide to make the opening won't matter. But one nice thing about the fleece is that since its finished edges roll up naturally, you can use this as a decorative accent. If you want to do this, just make sure that the flap you fold up first is the side that has the edge that you'd like to have visible in the finished cover.

5 Once you've decided where to position your opening, pin the fabric where the two flaps overlap. Holding on to the folded edges, gently wiggle out your pillow. Re-pin so that the flaps are secured not just to each other, but all the way through to the other side of the pillow cover as well:

6 Now all that's left to do is to seal up the sides of the pillow cover. Just use a basic straight stitch, and leave about " for the seam.

 Turn your cover right-side out, wiggle in your pillow, and snuggle up!

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