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a moving checklist
by Leanne Schildroth
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A few days before the move

Check your moving company's payment policies. Make sure you have money on hand to pay the moving company, and enough cash for your travels (read: coffee, diet coke, food, gas, etc).

Close bank accounts and have your funds wired to your new bank. Before closing, be sure there are no outstanding checks or automatic payments that haven't been processed.

Pack your former town's phone book for future correspondence.

1 day before the move

Empty, defrost and clean your refrigerator.

Grab some muffins and fruit for breakfast on move day. While you're out, pick up some soda and juice for the movers. Whether they are hired hands or your friends, they will appreciate the gesture.

Take down curtains and blinds -- yep, the folks in the apartment building across from you will be getting quite the view of you for one night.

On moving day

If you live in a congested area, recruit some friends to park their vehicles one after another in a space close to your home until the truck arrives. The closer the truck can get, the better your chances are of not incurring an additional charge.

Make the job safe and easy for your movers: remove floor mats, clear potted plants from the porch, and disconnect the spring on the screen door so that it stays open during the loading process.

Once the mover arrives, point out the boxes you would like to have unloaded first.

Make sure moving van driver has the correct address, phone number and directions. Jot down any information the driver can provide (i.e. cell phone or pager number).

Take one last sweep of the house before the driver leaves for any hiding places that may have been forgotten (crawl space? shelf of the closet? on top of the fridge?).

Take a deep breath, lock the door and say goodbye. This part of your life is over but the new journey (and the unpacking) are just beginning . . . 

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Leanne Schildroth is an outreach coordinator and freelance writer living in London, Canada.

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