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Click to see how this space looked beforea better bathroom |  The original bathroom had a pale pink-and-green floral tile border going all the way around the middle of the bathroom -- decidedly not our style, which tends to run more towards the playfully funky. When our landlord declined to let us replace the offending tiles with plain white tiles to match the rest of the wall (at our cost and labor), we resorted to a more makeshift solution by covering each tile with white Contact-type paper. Though it was somewhat laborious to cut out and apply each square of adhesive, the end result was worth it. With a blank white slate to work with now, we set out to make the room a little more fun with the addition of a red bubble-print shower curtain and matching circle bathmat (both from IKEA), along with a disco ball (snagged for $2 at a store's going-out-of-business sale) for added amusement. (Click to see the original space) >