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rental "renovating"
by Yee-Fan Sun |
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Once you've taken care of your walls, it's time to take a look at what lurks underfoot. Rental carpeting, after all, tends to range from the merely blah to the downright hideous. Hate your carpeting but think you can't do much about it? Think again: area rugs are your friends. Just make sure to use a pad to keep any area rugs from sliding around, or worse yet, transferring color to the original carpeting.

color me tolerable
Despite your best, most determined efforts, there will be times when you will find that as a renter, you've done as much as you can to fix-up your pad in a manner that will still allow you to retrieve your deposit come moving time. That harvest gold kitchen, or that mauve-tiled bathroom - these things you're pretty much stuck with. When faced with these sorts of situations, the best thing to do is to work with what you have. Don't fight the harvest gold for instance: embrace it by going retro and collecting 70s kitsch.

Remember, too, that colors look wildly different depending upon the other hues you pair with them -- mauve on its own is pretty ooky, but go over-the-top girly in different hues of pink and you'll find you have a really fun bathroom. Or pair it with a lively stem green for a fresh, cool, garden-inspired look. Love bright, bold colors but find yourself stuck with a blah brown bathroom? Choose warm, rich earth tones with strong orange and red tones -- a nice compromise between the colors you love best, and the colors that you're stuck with.

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Living in rental digs shouldn't have to mean holding off on your dreams of a swank pad. After all, you may not be the owner, but this is still your home.


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