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flower power
flower arranging for hipsters
by Kathryn 
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I used to think flower arranging was an activity best left for my dotage.  The very thought conjured up an image of maiden aunts and fusty houses crammed full of doilies and curios, the sort of house where you were too scared to move in case you broke something.  And, of course, the centerpiece of it all was the gaudy vase filled with flowers, looking too stiff and formal to have ever grown in a garden, complete with some dangerous looking greenery.

Still, nothing is as lovely as a bunch of fresh flowers, whether you buy them for yourself, get them as a gift (I wish) or pick them from the garden. In the past, I’d stuff the poor stems haphazardly into the nearest container and hope for the best.  Maybe they’d survive despite my lackadaisical arranging, but it was very much a hit or miss thing. 

These days, however, I know that arranging flowers doesn’t have to be dowdy.  With a little imagination and creative flair, an arrangement can be a beautiful thing.  And with just a minimum of basic care, my flowers last much longer too.  Here are some simple ideas for arrangements that look much more upmarket than a chaotic jumble of wilted blooms – and are guaranteed not to look like anything you’ve ever seen in Aunt Mavis’ parlor.

Easy and Elegant: One of the simplest and smartest ways to display flowers is to use small containers and insert a single bloom in each.  This is a very cost-effective way to create a stylish display.  You don’t need a heap of expensive flowers. A daisy or a few sprigs of lavender in each container looks sensational and can cost you nothing at all.

Skewered Table Flowers: Again, this arrangement is incredibly easy but looks exquisite.  Get a bunch of flower buds – roses work really well – and lop off their heads.  Thread the flowers for a simple dinner.  If you want to be extravagant, you could create one at each place setting.  The flowers will last like this for hours; just spritz with water occasionally.

Lush bunches: You don’t need to go overboard to get a lovely look.  The secret to a very lush look is to buy two or three identical bunches of flowers rather than a variety of flowers and greenery.  Don’t skimp on quantity.  You need to cluster the blooms to get impact.

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