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drink dress- ups
a brief guide to garnishing cocktails 
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4 You’ll probably still have quite a lot of pith hanging onto the skin at this point, especially in the fat middle part of the lemon. If you have a grapefruit spoon or a melon baller, you can use either one to help scrape out the inside. Otherwise, just use your knife to clean up the top ½" or so as best you can, and ignore the rest for now (you can continue to clean up the pith little by little as you make your way down the lemon).

to make short twists
Cut a vertical slice down the length of the peel to open it up. Curl up the peel into a firm spiral, then slice it horizontally into ¼" thick sections.

to make long twists
Use your knife to cut the peel into a thin ¼" spiral, rotating the knife around the lemon peel. Once you’ve gone two turns or so around the lemon, taper off the spiral to complete the twist. Continue doing this with the rest of the peel.

Twist the peel above the drink to release the oils into the drink. If you’re using short twists, you can either drop the peel into the drink, or let it sit daintily on the lip of the glass. For long twists, drop one end into the drink and dangle the other on the rim of the glass.
use with: gin sidecar, ginger martini, martini, sidecar

other sweet garnishes for cold drinks
maraschino cherries |
Stemmed cherries are infinitely preferable to stemless – they’re easier to eat, they look prettier, and they give you the opportunity to show off your amazing ability to tie a stem into a knot in your mouth (should you happen to be so lucky to be gifted with this talent). If you must use the de-stemmed variety (I know, I know, they’re cheaper), at least pop them on a toothpick.
use with: abbey, bronx, manhattan, old-fashioned

fresh fruits | Frou-frou tropical drinks like Mai Tais, Zombies and any other cocktail that one might reasonably expect to find in a tacky tiki bar demand a more elaborate embellishment than their more sedate sisters. You could play it simple with an elegant citrus wheel, of course, but where’s the fun in that? Skewers piled high with pineapple wedges, kiwi slices, whole or halved strawberries, banana rounds, and other fresh fruits provide plenty of color (and taste good too). Thinly sliced apples and pears can be lovely, but make sure to douse them in lemon water to prevent them from turning brown too quickly.

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