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in the box how to pack for a big move  
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So your lease is up, or you're moving in with the sweets, or heading cross-country for a new job, or just plain upgrading to a better pad. Whatever the case might be, at some point in your twenties -- possibly many, if your life is anything like mine -- you'll find yourself having to make the move to a brand new place. Moving is exciting, sure, but let's face it: it's also a major upheaval. There are moving companies or shipping companies or self-drive companies to call; there are billing addresses and magazine subscriptions that need to be changed. And most of all, there's the entire contents of your crammed one-bedroom apartment that somehow need to get from your old digs to your new nest. Still, with a few handy packing tips, you'll find the job's not nearly as bad as you might be anticipating…

the mover's toolkit
As the ol' Boy Scouts always say: be prepared. Before you can even begin to start packing up, you'll need to gather a few things…

  • boxes | As many as you can possibly get your hands on, and in an assortment of sizes. Use only good, sturdy corrugated cardboard boxes, unless you're really looking forward to watching your stuff fall out when that dilapidated old box self-destructs mid-move.
  • lots and lots of packaging tape | Buy it in the bulk packs at an office supply store for the cheapest prices. And no, masking tape will not suffice; get the tape that's meant for the job.
  • newspapers, newsprint, tissue, or bubble wrap | For wrapping individual objects and padding in between breakables
  • plastic baggies | For grouping small items together
  • fat black magic markers | Again, get a bulk pack, as you're likely to lose them in the chaos or run out of ink
  • notebook or laptop | To keep track of what's packed in what boxes
  • scissors/utility knife | For cutting tape and more

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