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Snowflake tree topper made from freebie beads + picture hanging wire, plus recycled ribbon bow

To learn more about the tree and to check out some of the decorations up close, click on any box in the image at left. 

For the past year or so, I've had a little plastic tube of pearlescent beads tucked away in my crafts drawer. The beads were a freebie that I got at my local fabric store while purchasing material to make some curtains, and they'd been sitting around waiting for me to find some use for them. When I started digging through my drawers trying to find materials for decorating my little Christmas tree, I came across the beads and some picture-hanging wire, and promptly set out to fashion a snowflake-shaped tree topper.

Meanwhile, packrat that I am, I tend to accumulate bits and pieces of ribbons, saving them from chocolate boxes and flower bouquets and gifts, so that I can reuse them at some later date. Short ribbon scraps aren't much use for wrapping presents, but they're perfect for stringing up ornaments, or even just tying directly around a branch. Here, I used a nice fat ribbon bow to fill out the top of the tree and provide an accent for the beaded tree topper.

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